Dec 10

S&M, if the S means Sausage

There’s something sort of… kinky about the way this sausage has been prepared.

Dec 10

Slackin’ for the Holidays

Yup, we’ve missed a few updates. And we feel bad. But let’s face it, the holidays don’t exactly make us want to work. Of course, if you missed us and want to see more in the future, start sharing the site with your friends and we’ll be more motivated.

Here’s a little make-up, with credit where credit is due:


Don’t feel bad if you couldn’t find the sausage at first. ;)

Nov 10

Kids Day

Sometimes it’s just cute.

Nov 10

Girl Eating Hotdog

Yeah, we’re playing fast and loose with the terms here because frankly we’ve all been sick with explosive diarrhea and that’s why there was no update last Monday. But let’s face it, this picture presents all kinds of questions. Such as, why is there no bun?

Oct 10

Bratwurst or Bratbest?

Nothing brings her joy like a sausage that doesn’t even fit in her bun.

Oct 10


It’s October, so here are a pair of nice ladies enjoying some delicious-looking bratwurst.

Oct 10

So Happy

This woman can’t contain her excitement at holding this much sausage. Can we blame her? No, not at all.

Oct 10

Doing it Wrong

I know, this image is about as old as the internet… but it’s still a classic.

Sep 10

Big Dog, Big Bun

Here’s a happy young lady enjoying the old American pastime… putting a big sausage in your mouth, and loving it.

Sep 10

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